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70-339: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
In deze online cursus 70-339: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 leer je Microsoft SharePoint 2016 te installeren, beheren, configureren en implementeren. De online cursus bereid je voor op het Microsoft examen Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 (70-339).
Onderwerpen die onder andere aan bod komen zijn het installeren van SharePoint 2016, Sharepoint 2016 architectuur, Sharepoint beveiliging, configuratie van service applicaties, SharePoint integratie online, Office Online, Content management, backup en restore functies, troubleshoot SharePoint 2016 en nog veel meer.

Let op, dit examen is vanaf 31 januari 2021 niet meer beschikbaar. Mocht je vragen hebben over een alternatieve certificering, neem gerust contact op met ons supportteam.

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Na succesvolle afronding van online cursus 70-339: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 kun je zelfstanding Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 installeren, beheren, configureren en implementeren in een datacenter en in de cloud.
Ook ben je optimaal voorbereid op het officiële Microsoft examen Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 (70-339).

Je bent in het bezit van de MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certificering of je hebt vergelijkbare kennis.

Tijdens de online cursus 70-339: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 worden de volgende onderwerpen behandeld:
Planning and Installing
  • Start the course
  • Recognize the goals of a SharePoint installation
  • Design a SharePoint 2016 server farm topology by using MinRole
  • Design a SharePoint 2016 storage architecture, including ReFS and plan for large file support
  • Plan SharePoint 2016 server load balancing, network infrastructure, and basic request management
  • Define individual SharePoint 2016 server requirements
  • Plan a SharePoint 2016 app hosting model
  • Perform GUI or scripted deployments of SharePoint 2016
  • Plan and configure SharePoint 2016 service connection points and installation tracking and auditing
  • Identify logical elements of a SharePoint architecture
  • Provide and configure web applications
  • Create and maintain site collections
  • Navigate using touch-based interface
  • Plan the use of information management policies, document fingerprinting, and encryption
  • Configure a SharePoint topology using MinRole-based assignments
Taxonomy and Search
  • Start the course
  • Define and understand how information architecture and taxonomy is used in SharePoint 2016
  • Create:
    • And configure the SharePoint 2016 managed metadata service
    • SharePoint 2016 terms and terms sets to define custom properties in MMS
    • And propagate content types using the content type hub in SharePoint 2016
  • Use the MMS terms within a site as available data values in SharePoint 2016
  • Use the MMS terms for SharePoint 2016 managed navigation
  • Planning SharePoint 2016 enterprise search
  • Define SharePoint 2016 search content sources and crawl schedules
  • Manage SharePoint 2016 query rules, keywords, synonyms, and other search aids
  • Use:
    • Crawl rules to manage SharePoint 2016 search performance
    • SharePoint 2016 result sources, search schema, analytics, and the enterprise search site
    • SharePoint 2016 display templates and result types
  • Identify when and how to enable search engine optimization settings in SharePoint 2016
  • Configure the correct settings for SharePoint 2016 enterprise search based upon a given scenario
  • Start the course
  • Identify farm level security issues that need management in SharePoint 2016
  • Configure farm security settings in SharePoint 2016
  • Identify web application level security issues that need management in SharePoint 2016
  • Plan:
    • And configure web application authentication settings in SharePoint 2016
    • Connection encryption in SharePoint 2016
    • And configure anonymous access and web application policies in SharePoint 2016
  • Identify SharePoint 2016 site collection and site level security issues that need management
  • Plan and configure SharePoint 2016 users and groups
  • Ise SharePoint 2016 permissions settings as well as SharePoint sharing tools
  • Manage SharePoint 2016 anonymous access and HTML field security
  • Plan and configure SharePoint 2016 information rights management (IRM)
  • Identify SharePoint 2016 service application security issues that need management
  • Plan for SharePoint 2016 Kerberos support for service applications
  • Configure SharePoint 2016 delegated service application administration
  • Create a SharePoint 2016 environment that has secure authentication and authorization
Service Applications
  • Start the course
  • Define and understand the components of SharePoint social computing
  • Create a SharePoint UPA
  • Secure and configure a UPA application
  • Configure SharePoint My Sites
  • Configure SharePoint’s Yammer settings
  • Plan and configure community sites
  • Define and understand the importance of the BCS and Secure Store Applications
  • Create and secure a BCS model
  • Incorporate BCS into site data and search
  • Create and configure a Secure Store Application
  • Incorporate the Secure Store Service with BCS
  • Understand how SharePoint can be extended with farm solutions, sandbox solutions, and add-ins
  • Deploy and upgrade farm solutions
  • Deploy and manage sandbox solutions
  • Create and configure the App Store
  • Create and configure App Store subscriptions
  • Deploy add-ins (apps) in SharePoint
  • Describe the purpose of several additional SharePoint Service Applications
  • create and configure:
    • Access Services in SharePoint 2016
    • Visio Services in SharePoint 2016
    • Automation Services in SharePoint 2016
    • PowerPoint Conversion in SharePoint 2016
    • Translation Services in SharePoint 2016
  • Deploy the correct SharePoint 2016 service application for a given scenario
Interconnecting SharePoint 2016
  • Start the course
  • Describe the needs of integrating SharePoint with other Microsoft products
  • Plan and install Office Online Server
  • Connect SharePoint 2016 and:
    • Office Online
    • Exchange Server
    • Project Server 2016
  • Connect SharePoint 2016 farms to each other
  • Install SharePoint Insights and Server Telemetry features
  • Describe the tools used to extract Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2016
  • Plan and configure:
    • PerformancePoint and BI security
    • Reporting services
    • PowerView
    • PowerPivot
    • Excel Services (Office Online only)
  • Describe the structure and purpose of a SharePoint 2016 hybrid architecture
  • Configure SharePoint 2016:
    • Hybrid cloud settings
    • Connections to Access Control Service and authentication for hybrid cloud deployment
    • Hybrid search settings
    • Hybrid features including OneDrive Redirection, Hybrid Audiences, and Picker tools
  • Configure hybrid SharePoint 2016 Business Data Connection Services (BCS)
  • Correctly configure hybrid SharePoint 2016 settings
Content Management
  • Start the course
  • Define and understand what SharePoint 2016 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) supports
  • Plan and configure SharePoint 2016:
    • E-Discovery
    • Document routing
    • Co-authoring
    • Durable links
    • Record disposition and retention
    • Software boundaries
    • Data loss prevention, in-place holds, and document deletion features
    • Channels
    • Product catalog and topic pages
    • Design Manager
    • Content deployment
    • Display templates
    • Variations
  • Plan SharePoint 2016 large document repositories
  • Define and understand what SharePoint 2016 web content management (WCM) supports
  • Correctly define a records management site for disposition and retention
Ensuring SharePoint 2016 Stability
  • Start the course
  • Describe the tools and techniques used to create a highly available SharePoint 2016 environment
  • plan for SharePoint 2016:
    • Service distribution
    • Physical server distribution and server load balancing
    • Network and storage redundancy
  • plan for SQL Server:
    • Aliases for SharePoint 2016
    • Clustering for SharePoint 2016
    • AlwaysOn Availability Groups for SharePoint 2016
    • Log Shipping for SharePoint 2016
  • Describe the tools and techniques used to create a recoverable SharePoint 2016 environment
  • Create a regular backup schedule in SharePoint or in SQL Server
  • plan for SharePoint 2016:
    • Farm configuration recovery
    • Service application recovery
    • Content recovery
    • Nonproduction environment content refresh
  • Configure a SharePoint 2016 recovery solution using SQL Database running in Azure and other Azure backup solutions
  • Use the most appropriate method to recover a SharePoint 2016 farm
Monitor, Tune, and Troubleshoot SharePoint 2016
  • Start the course
  • Understand the requirements associated with monitoring SharePoint 2016
  • configure SharePoint 2016:
    • Performance counter capture
    • Page performance monitoring
    • Usage and health providers
  • Monitor and forecast SharePoint 2016 storage needs
  • Monitor SharePoint 2016 hybrid cloud deployments
  • Describe the goals and limitations of tuning a SharePoint 2016 environment for optimization
  • Plan for SharePoint 2016 capacity software boundaries
  • Tune SharePoint 2016 network performance
  • Plan and configure SQL optimization for SharePoint 2016
  • Plan and configure a SharePoint 2016 caching strategy
  • Describe the tools and techniques of SharePoint troubleshooting
  • Establish SharePoint 2016 baseline performance
  • Perform SharePoint 2016 client-side tracing
  • Perform SharePoint 2016 server-side tracing
  • Analyze SharePoint 2016 usage data
  • Enable a SharePoint 2016 Developer Dashboard
  • Analyze SharePoint 2016 diagnostic logs
  • Troubleshoot SharePoint 2016 hybrid cloud issues
  • Track down the correct information needed to help you resolve a SharePoint 2016 trouble ticket

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